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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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corridor, they've been weakening. isolated sprinkles for another 30 minutes or so. mid-80s by noon. we'll break out into midday sunshine. this afternoon, ahead of a front, we'll see a few thunderstorms pop. behind that front, we'll take this humidity and kind of just kick it on out of here for a couple of days. that will be a good thing. had a lot of lightning a few hours ago. look how the whole area is weakening. it is losing the yellows, the oranges. this whole area weakening as it moves toward us. there's not much left here. here it is in western frederick county, over toward culpepper with light showers and that is it. your temperatures, they're still muggy. 77 in annapolis to 66 in hagerstown. angie goff, it is tuesday morning. how is it looking? >> we still have that yellow light on. because we're dealing with crash activity out near the annapolis area. let's take you there over to our real time graphics we go. 50 headed eastbound, want to let you know between route 70
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and also route 2. that's where we have the crash activity involving a fuel spill. crews trying to clean up the roadway. we know that one right lane of traffic is able to get by. this after only the shoulder was able to get by for the last couple of hours. that will probably help alleviate that congestion we were seeing. let's move it over to virginia. 66 approaching the capital beltway if you're traveling eastbound. more crash activity is adding to the delay between nutley over to 495. speaking of the beltway, the outer loop, we have a new wreck to tell you about. this one approaching the mixing bowl here. obviously it looks like it is causing quite the jamup. we're losing the right lane of traffic. we're tracking your delays as well. 95 headed northbound, jammed over to the mixing bowl. in the middle of that, we have a disabled vehicle to keep an eye out for. still ahead in my next traffic report, we're going to take a look at the 66 accident. that's coming up at 6:11. over to you. thank you, angie. at the top of the hour, here is
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a check on the stories happening today. >> a new bipartisan push in the senate to reduce the debt and fund medicare. it will be unveiled by oklahoma republican tom coleburn and joel lieberman. they will be speaking at 11:30. a cell phone found in the wreckage of last week's amtrak train crash in nevada will arrive here. it belonged to the truck driver who crashed into the train. the phone will be examined by the ntsb lab to determine if the driver was talking at the time of the crash. the government is helping businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks. the department of homeland security is out with new tools to make web sites more secure. it was already in development before some recent cyberattacks. also happening today, new rules involving cribs which will affect millions of parents. >> the government is banning the sale and manufacturer of a certain type of crib. it has been involved in several recalls. it is a story new this morning. lindsey mastis is here with what you need to know. >> good morning, mike.
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probably the biggest change is a ban on all drop-side cribs, even the ones that have been retrofitted. you cannot buy them at the store. if you have one, you won't be able to give it away. if you're in the market for a crib, how will you know which ones are safe? the consumer product safety commission says you'll want to buy a new crib which will have stronger hardware and undergo tougher testing but you won't be able to tell whether it needs -- meets the new safety standards by looking at it. you have to ask the manufacturer if it complies with the new regulations. when it comes to day cares, those cribs won't have to be replaced until december of 2012, the same goes for cribs, provided by hotels. of course, the new regulations affect a crib's mattress support. its slats and hardware. >> all right. these are often given down, hand-me-downs from family member to family member. you can see them on craigslist. >> it is now illegal to sell the cribs that does not meet the new regulations and if you
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are caught selling one, you could be subject to civil fines. wow. ok. there is also a great place to talk about these things with other parents and moms. crib safety and the like. go to our web site. visit it is the place where d.c. moms connect. >> d.c. police chief cathy lanier says her force ordered a 19-year-old out of town to protect him from violence but he came back. now he's charged with second- degree murder. 19-year-old jimenez is believed to be the target of gunfire at the caribbean parade. he was hit but it was 43-year- old robert foster jr. who died. two others were also injured. jimenez is being held without bail. police say he fired at rival gang members, they fired back and innocent people got hit. mayor vincent gray controlling gangs are only part of the problem. >> the issue isn't being able to get the guns off the street.
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that's where -- try to make sure we have the stringent patrols as possible around guns so people don't have access to these kind of weapons. >> jimenez will be back in court next month. it appears that chevy chase couple has some really bad luck when it comes to getting their van stolen. a story you'll see only right here on 9news now. >> it started wednesday when a car thief took the o'connell's minivan from right in front of their house. police found it sunday, returned it to the family but talk about what the heck! the van was stolen again 45 minutes later! pastor dave o'connell says he just wants it back for good! >> my facebook status right now is job 1:21, the lord give-and- take away. >> when police recovered the van the first time, there were no signs of forced entry so they're thinking whoever took it probably had a master key. >> coming up on 6:06, jessica
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doyle is watching your money in the web center. >> remember when builders were putting up mansions left and right? the american dream of making it big and moving into a mini mansion appears to be out because of the real estate market. >> splurging on a house like this beauty, a six bedroom, five and a half bathroom home in silver spring would have cost you almost $1 million a couple of years ago. doesn't exactly have the same estimate. currently says it is oater only $663,000. that theoretical estimate not in line with the sale price either which is currently just about $900,000. americans seem to be thinking smaller is better with homes nowadays. cnn money reports the average size of a new home has gone down 5% from 2007 to 2010. also, fewer megahomes are being built nowadays, the number of homes, 4,000 square feet or
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larger built in 2010 fell to 35,000 from more than 120,000 in 2007. so, we're all paying for the new american dream home in the washington area. they're getting smaller. so, how much do they cost? of course, it all depends on a few things. one huge factor remains location, location, location! this four bedroom, four bath home in the middle of the district is on the market for $1.1 million. the house is not that big. its location in the city boost its value. the value of home has increased in 2010. now, we'll move on to maryland. this four bedroom, four bath silver spring home has more acreage but it is half the price of the d.c. home. this house has had one owner since it was built in 1987 and it listed for sale for $555,000. finally, moving into virginia in arlington, this four bedroom, four bath beauty will run about $700,000. it is only about four years
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old. they all look very similar but very different changes in the price tag there. >> the zip codes make a difference. >> they do. >> in 1984, davey johnson lost his managerial debut with the mets. two years later, they were world series champions. >> nats fans, don't worry about what happened last night. davey johnson made his debut as manager of the nationals. nats were trailing 3-2 in the ninth. down to their final out. we mention his name every day it seems. danny espinoza, first pitch swinging. solo shot. that tied the game at 3. to the tenth we go, bases loaded for sean burnett. unfortunately, that scores the game winner for the bad guys. l.a. beating d.c. 4-3 spoiling davey johnson's debut. >> giving us the world series in two years from now. we'll take it. >> here's a look at what's still ahead in this hour of 9news now. >> the hated speed cameras in
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the district. learn which three cameras are the biggest moneymakers for the city. >> at 6:36, free help today in landing a job. we'll tell you which local congressman is holding a job boot camp. >> howard has your tuesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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we've got an isolated shower. these things are dying as they're moving in from the shenandoah valley.
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we'll see temperatures -- they won't be storming at 9:00. temperatures by 9:00, 84. a chance of a storm at 5:00. temperature then, 88. angie? >> thank you, howard. we're taking a live look from sky 9. what we have here is 50 headed eastbound at row boulevard. the crash activity involving the fuel spill. you notice the sand out on the roadway. drivers only getting by to the left. still ahead, more on this crash scene and we're going to have your virginia roads coming up at 6:17. back to you. >> more than 17,000 people in los alamos, new mexico are waiting to see if they'll be forced out of their homes. a major wildfire is getting closer. >> that's one of the stories this morning making news at 6:12, people north of that city are being told to get out. the fire is 78 square miles, bigger than the district. flames are moving close to the los alamos nuclear laboratory. two were shut down during a massive fire 11 years ago. >> ousted illinois governor rod blagojevich said he's stunned.
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a jury found him guilty on 17 of 20 charges including all of the counts of trying to sell or trade the senate seat once held by president obama. he's likely to face about ten years in prison. >> radiation meters will go out to about 34,000 children living near the fukushima nuclear plant. the plant suffered a meltdown following japan's earthquake and tsunami back in march. the executive behind that plant apologized to investors for that scare. >> all right, raise your hand, be honest if you've ever received a red light or speeding camera in the district. >> one, two, three -- more than one, let's put it that way. >> last fiscal year, the city issued more than 147,000 speed camera tickets from its mobile cameras. >> $11 million came from three locations. andrea mccarren crunches the numbers for this year's fiscal busiest location. >> reporter: they're the tickets we love to hate. mobile speed cameras. you know the ones where you get the tickets in the mail often
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weeks after the offense with a photograph of your car and a note about your speed. 9news used the freedom of information act to gather the records of the three busiest speed cameras in d.c. in the first seven months of this fiscal year, these are the top ticketers. in southwest, 295, 7/10 of a mile south of exit one. a camera has caught more than 20,000 speeders. the southeast southwest freeway camera at the ninth street entrance snapped more than 17,000 violators. and finally, the speed camera at 295 at eastern avenue southbound issued more than 12,000 tickets. >> i was mad. i was very, very angry. >> what are they doing with their money. just so much money being made. >> it makes me mad. >> throw the cameras in the trash. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> these will cost you between $750 and $250 depending on how
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fast you were going, what the infraction was. for a list of last year's busiest mobile speed cameras, if you want to check that out, go to the story is right on the front page. howard's slowing down long enough to give us today's forecast. >> i find myself looking at the white dashes painted on the road. the white paint is on the road. i better be careful. >> saves you money. >> weatherwise, we do have a chance for a shower this morning. that's dying pretty quickly. this afternoon though, perhaps a thunderstorm and then we turn nice out here for at least a couple of days. here is our day planner talking about temperatures starting in the upper 70s by 9:00. we'll see midday sunshine. 86 at 1:00. upper 80s to near 90 with a threat for a thunderstorm or two. don't think it is going to be everywhere. but we will see a couple pop up. this morning, we watch the showers and storms from the west move east. just kind of really use their
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umph. on live doppler 9000 hd, a couple of showers still in and around the culpepper area. look at the stuff in frederick county north of baltimore. that's it. it is relatively quiet. relatively mild. cool spots in the 60s. 68 haymarket. 68 at fort belvoir. college park this morning, 72 along with alexandria. here at reagan national, we've got 75 degrees, the winds have been very light. they're calm right now. with dew points in the upper 60s, the muggies are going strong along with some thunderstorms. these are going strong, too. northern arkansas into tennessee. these are dropping south toward alabama. severe thunderstorm watch. the dying storms we had around here. future cast shows the showers that we've been watching pushing off to the east very quickly. what's left up toward philly by noon. then this afternoon, some showers popping especially on the south side of the metro. we watch this front. even if we avoid stuff this
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evening, this front comes through about 9:00, 10:00 with a chance of a shower. we're in really good shape for wednesday and thursday. we're going to turn hot by the holiday weekend. 88 today. chance of a storm or two. tomorrow, a little bit breezy. only 87. less humid. it will feel a lot better. thursday, it will be terrific with a high around 85. we're back in the upper 80s. get ready for the heat. saturday, sunday, 96. chance of a storm on july 4th with a high of 95. >> it is going to be a scorcher. >> thank you, howard. >> yellow light stays on. we take a live look courtesy of sky 9. this is the view from above. route 50 headed eastbound at raoul boulevard, crash -- at rowe boulevard. you'll notice we have the sand coating the pavement forcing the drivers to stay to the left to get by. definitely, factor in extra minutes if you're headed out
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this way this morning. let's move it to more crash activity that we're tracking. this is on the outer loop right before the mixing bowl. we know that drivers there are losing a lane or two. as a result of that, we're watching the jam up that starts around braddock road. you don't get any relief until you pass this point. a little bit after the mixing bowl. 66 headed eastbound approaching the capital beltway. crash activity out that way as well. we're slow starting around nutley past the scene on the outer loop. congestion between new hampshire and georgia avenue starting to set in. finally, let's take a look at your travel times, 95 if you're headed southbound, no problems along the way. we're in the green heading toward that beltway. only about nine minutes. same situation from the inner loop. eastbound 267, the dulles toll road, no complaints early this morning. still ahead, we'll have more on the fuel spill out near annapolis at 6:25. back to you, andrea and mike. >> it is 6:18. up next, protecting your family
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from the most common food borne illnesses. learn the basic steps you can take to keep everyone safe. >> dancing mannequins. live dancers in new york city instead of the plastic people in the window. it is the showcase of music men going on in manhattan. the window show, however, one night only.
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it is 6:2. we're looking at a shower or two. the showers that were out in the shenandoah valley have sizzled. we could see some later on this afternoon with the daytime heat and humidity. it is a muggy morning. 78 by 9:00. 85 at noon with a midday sunshine, highs upper 80s to near 90. we'll have thunderstorms this afternoon. shouldn't be too widespread.
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we'll be watching it for you. andrea? >> at 6:22, we have a health alert. getting sick from your food is a growing problem. we saw what happened with the bad sprouts across europe. uncle sam is trying to keep your family safe from bad food this summer. joining us live with a new campaign is dr. elizabeth hagen, the undersecretary of agriculture. she joins us from usda headquarters in southwest. thank you very much for being here with us. campaign is completely timely since summer is the season when we seem to see the most food borne illnesses, is that correct? >> it is sure is, andrea. we do see an increase in the summer because people tend to have a lot more gatherings upside, sometimes we leave food out longer than we should. just the bacteria that can cause illness tend to behave differently. >> are there some foods that are particularly problematic that we should be alert about? >> well, we really want you to be alert about all of them. folks definitely think of the mayonnaise based potato salad
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but we want you to be thinking about all of the food you may be serving your guests. >> how can families avoid serious public threat in their homes from food bohn illnesses? >> as a government, we're working every single day with our policies and programs to make sure food is as safe as possible before it ever reaches your table. but there are four key steps that everyone can take in their own homes to reduce their risk of food borne illness. first, clean. clean frequently and thoroughly. your utensils, surfaces, hands with warm, soapy water. the second is to separate. separate your cooked foods from your raw foods. raw meat and poultry should go on a separate cutting board then your vegetables and fruits you may be adding to a dish. cook to a proper temperature using a meat thermometer. you can't tell if food is done to a safe temperature by looking at it. chill promptly. the magic number is two hours after serving the food and if
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the temperature is excessively hot like it is here in washington today, over 90 degrees, that number is one hour. >> like it will be for the 4th of july weekend. >> if families need more information or help online, where should they turn? >> go to it has all of the information you and your family could need to help keep your food safe this summer. >> dr. elizabeth hagen with the usda undersecretary, thank you very much for speaking with us. >> thanks for having me, andrea. >> coming up next, how many people in our area are getting out of town for the 4th of july and how much you can expect to pay for gas if you're leaving today. >> in 20 minutes, the supreme court says the government cannot ban the sale of violent video games to children. we'll get some of your reaction to that decision. right now, angie has a quick look at traffic. >> near annapolis, andrea, we come to you live from sky 9. the accident and fuel spill only lets the left lane of traffic get by.
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drivers are backed up to route 2. still ahead, more traffic for you. keep it here on 9news now.
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weather first time now. 6:29. place where you get your
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weather first. a live look at an address you might know. 1600 pennsylvania avenue northwest. that would be the white house. clear skies. 73 degrees. good morning, mr. president. >> a lot of people who want to be there are in iowa. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're here. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace. no umbrella needed so far. >> very pleasant out here this morning. light winds, temps in the lower 70s. it is a little bit muggy. off to a pretty good start on this tuesday morning. this afternoon though, you may see a thunderstorm push through. here is our day planner. sunshine mixed with some clouds early. midday sunshine, 84 by noon. 88 degrees by 5:00. we'll look for a chance for thunderstorm or two to be developing with the daytime heating. here's live doppler 9000 hd. look at the light showers. really weakening as they're pushing through culpepper into southern fauquier county. light stuff on the eastern shore. passing through cambridge. temperatures in the mid-60s
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from hagerstown, martinsburg and cumberland and petersburg to manassas and leesburg and all the way up to 77 in annapolis. thanks, lou ann, for that. the bay is really warm. it is pushing 80 degrees. upper 80s to near 90. angie has our timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. halfway through the 6:00 hour, yellow light stays on. straight to sky 9. want to show you what's going on near annapolis. we've got still only about one lane of traffic able to get by. some actually two, driving over the stand as they continue to try to clean up the fuel spill. this is 50 eastbound at rowe boulevard. the drivers are slowing down starting around route 2 going westbound, it is free flowing off to the right of your screen. moving to other incidents, word out on northbound pennsylvania, a report of a bus fire. crews out this way. please use caution if you're headed out that way. over to the outer loop breen
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braddock road and the mixing bowl. we learn the crash activity has been pushed off to the shoulder. we're slowing down starting around 236, little river turnpike. inbound new york avenue out in northeast d.c., we're below speed. drivers are below speed as they make their way from the times building toward florida avenue. as far as the trains are concerned, we checked on all of them, metro, vre, marc are running on time. we'll take a look around the region in my next traffic report at 6:46. andrea and mike, back to you. thank you, angie. new rules this morning to keep your newborn safe. >> they involve cribs and the kinds you'll be able to buy and the kinds that are actually going to become illegal to sell. >> lindsey mastis is live in our information center with what every parent needs to know. >> andrea, this comes after several dozen children died in drop-side cribs. the regulations include a crib mattress support and slats and hardware. today, when you go to the store, any crib you buy is supposed to meet the new
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regulations. if you have a crib that does not comply, you cannot sell it or give it away. the consumer product safety commission says most cribs that have been sold in the past probably don't meet the new standards because these new safety regulations are so strict. parents are going to have to be vigilant because many of the places you take your baby will not have the new cribs. day cares, even hotels are not required to replace their cribs until december 2012. andrea? >> all right, lindsey, thank you for that information. she's live in our information center this morning. mike? >> few would argue being a d.c. cop is one of the toughest jobs in the city. >> imagine being an officer and breast-feeding mother forced to wear a bullet resistant vest on the streets. >> "the washington examiner" reports police are removing breast-feeding cops and putting them on patrol. >> the police union and the department are discussing the issue. however, chief cathy lanier
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isn't budging. >> here's what's required for breast-feeding mothers. >> employers must provide a reasonable break time for women to express breast milk and it covers women up to one year after the child's birth. a private place must be provided and it has to be someplace other than the restroom. the time and frequency of the breaks depends on the mother. some states have more laws giving greater provisions for breast-feeding moms. at 6:34, we get the latest on campaign 2012 and the race for president. she's not facing a challenger right now but president obama is visiting an early voting state. he'll head to iowa in four hours. he will be talking about manufacturing and the economy. the president will be back in washington by tonight. his visit comes one day after a republican presidential candidate kicked off her campaign in iowa. congresswoman michele bachmann officially joined the g.o.p. race. she represents minnesota on the hill but bachmann was born in waterloo, iowa. recent polls show her neck and
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neck with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. this week, tourists from around the country are flocking to washington for the 4th of july holiday weekend. at the same time, 913,000 of us are getting out of town, an estimate from aaa mid-atlantic. 784,000 of us will drive 50 miles or more for the holiday. that's down nearly 3% from last year. while 72,000 of us will be flying which is up 22% over last year. another 56,000 of us will be taking the train or bus to get out of town. if you are taking the car, here's a check of the gas prices this morning. numbers are just out from train's fuel gauge report. d.c. metro area regular grade, average is $3.62 a gallon. nationwide, the average is down to $3.55 a gallon. >> check out these pictures sent in by a viewer named bruce. he snapped the picture of gas prices at the wawa in brandywine. $3.46 a gallon. just down the road, pinefield
6:36 am
shopping center, the sunoco, $3.54. $4.49 a gallon at the exxon in waldorf. bruce asked the manager and said no, that's not a mistake. we'll check it out during the day to try to get some answers on why it is so much higher than everybody else. >> unbelievable. >> jessica doyle is here with the latest in her on-going series get hired. you'll need to pay for the gas. >> she's talking about a jobs boot camp this morning. >> that's right. time to put on the suit, print out the resume. a good event for folks if you live in parts of northern virginia. this could be the event for you. congressman jim moran will host a free jobs boot camp, the location, t. c. williams high school in alexandria. residents of virginia's eighth district will be able to meet with top companies in the area. general dynamics and sheraton. there will be breakout sessions with topics that include better
6:37 am
resume writing and interviewing tips. and teens in the district are getting a bigger helping hand as well. the city has found enough money to expand its summer hiring program. the mayor says 4,000 more teens will be hired from the waiting list and that's on top of the 12,000 teens who have already been given jobs for the annual job placement program. d.c. isn't the only local area that's hiring. prince george's county has hired about 2,000 teens for the summer. alexandria has found jobs for about 180 teens. and teens can still apply in person at the job bank location in alexandria. in fairfax county, 670 teens have been hired as camp counselors and lifeguards and openings remain there as well. the teen unemployment rate nationwide is about 25%. that means, of course, one in four teens who want a job can't find them. >> going to be a tough summer for a lot of them. >> for their parents who are footing the bills. keep them occupied. >> exactly. >> thank you, jess.
6:38 am
well, the u.s.o. broke ground monday in its first ever wounded warrior and family center. it is at fort belvoir in virginia. 25,000 square foot facility will help vets make the transition from the battlefield to civilian life. william gibson knows the importance of after care when it comes to wounded soldiers. >> the after care is the most important part. the medical care gives you life but the longest hurdles are in your recovery time. >> fort belvoir facility slated to open in 2012. a similar facility also planned at the new walter reed national medical center of bethesda. >> howard says it will be a warm day with highs in the 80s and a threat of thunderstorms this afternoon. which days this week howard says will be really nice ones. >> here is a live look at 270 in germantown. free and clear right there. angie's next timesaver traffic report. >> now a check on what's on
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howard is here. you'll like what he has to say for tomorrow. we just have to get through today. >> today won't be all that bad. it will be a little warm, a little humid and maybe a couple of thunderstorms. we can use the rain. tomorrow and especially thursday look fantastic before it gets hot here by the holiday weekend. back to the 90s. tuesday's day planner, mix of sun and clouds this morning. we're in the mid-70s. we'll be in the 80s by lunchtime. probably mid-80s. south to southwest winds today at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we'll be looking at the threat for a couple of thunderstorms here and there ahead of a cold
6:44 am
front. that front will push through tonight, early tonight and behind it, the air mass really gets nice with the drier air. look at this. we had some showers and storms out west this morning. as they came across the blue ridge, they're falling apart. couple of showers up near baltimore. look at this stuff in southern fauquier county just falling apart here. other than light sprinkles, it is over for the morning. it will be later today. we've got that threat. the cold front approaches tonight. afternoon storms will be possible today with the heat, the humidity. some of the storms could be a couple of heavier ones. so, in spots, the rush hour may be wet as you head home. less humid wednesday and again on thursday. we've got 68 for hagerstown. 74 pax river. 72 in fredericksburg this morning. 70 in winchester. here in washington, it is comfortable. a little warm. 75 with the dew points in the upper 60s. it is feeling almost like a north florida morning as opposed to a south florida
6:45 am
morning. that barometer is 29.91. we'll see a drop ahead of the cold front. you can see where the cold front is lining up to our north and west here. this front will be coming through tonight. ahead of it, strong thunderstorms. they're firing this morning in arkansas. they're firing this morning in tennessee. look at these things dropping out toward alabama. the showers, they just lost their upper level support. they had nothing to keep them going. looking at the future cast, we may see a few showers up toward philly by noon. around here, midday sunshine will help fire some thunderstorms. it looks like a better chance toward charlottesville and fredericksburg. during the afternoon and evening hours, better chance. here comes the front. come through tonight after dark. behind it tomorrow morning, we are in a drier, cooler air mass and you're going to like it for a few days, especially if you're working outside. just like to get outside and enjoy it. tomorrow, little breezy. 87. going to be down in the 60s by
6:46 am
tomorrow morning. thursday, only 85. it is going to be sweet out there on thursday. here comes warmer temperatures friday and the high heat. saturday through monday, mid- 90s. could be a storm. >> it has been a busy tuesday. we continue to keep an that yellow light. we're following a couple of incidents that are slowing our drivers down. let's begin right here. this is pennsylvania avenue. that's where we have a vehicle fire and crews on the scene. if you're planning on heading out this way, please use caution. over to our old story of the morning, still wreaking havoc with drivers, actually, the beauty of our real time graphics, the crash activity has cleared on eastbound route 50 at rowe boulevard. before only a couple of lanes of were getting by to the left. hopefully the congestion will break apart. that according to our report here. it is clear. over to our outer loop we go, 95 to georgia, no incidents to report.
6:47 am
we are obviously slowing down here. your live shot at university, bring the shades. sun glare will be a factor. 270 headed southbound, only seeing a little bit of volume around germantown road. still doing o ok approaching the lane divide. 66 drivers from 50 over to nutley, you'll be using the brakes approaching 495, the capital beltway. i've got your top traffic stories of the morning coming up at 6:58. now back to you. we'll see you then. >> video games basically a billion dollar industry. the supreme court handed it a victory. >> in a 7-2 ruling, the court struck down a california law. it banned the sale of rental of violent or sexually explicit video games to children. >> games with adult themes are the most popular ones. they carry the mature rating or the m rating. the ratings are decided by a panel within the video gaming industry thisself. the majority opinion, scalia
6:48 am
said fairy tales and books can be just as violent. a parent's group doesn't buy that. >> you actually perform the act yourself in a video game. it is different than reading a back or watching a tv show. >> to me, the parent needs to be involved. the parent needs to give consent. >> the ruling in the minority, liberal justice steven brayer and clarence thomas, breyer says it is similar to the bans on pornography. >> freedom of speech helps parents protect their children. >> call of duty black ops sold three million copies. it has a mature rating. also in the top five, god of war iii, red dead redemption, both of those also carry a mature rating. this story has people talking on our facebook page as well. >> peggy writes there have been rating on video games for
6:49 am
years. video games do not need to be banned. parents just need to start taking care of their own children. mary supports the ban saying studies shown in europe shows violence negatively affects minors more so than porn. join the conversation at 75 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a check on the news before you go is next. first, we promise this isn't a joke. it is toe wrestling. >> 35-year-old tradition in england. two competitors enter the toedium. someone gets pinned eventually. it is sort of like thumb wrestling only with your toes. yuck! >> the whole event raises money for charity. now, time for the united airlines travel cast. right now, mostly cloudy. calm winds, 69 at dull wes a little haze in the air.
6:50 am
visibility is down to 6 miles. looking decent behind the cold front which is coming. that may produce storms in pittsburgh. out toward chicago, a nice day. sunny and 80 degrees. out west, we've got should some heat and storms in denver. high heat, typical summertime heat, vegas, 107. salt lake, 96. the pacific ocean brings relief toward l.a. some showers moving in toward san francisco today. 64. also, reno at 83. seattle some showers and 72.
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6:53. 75 degrees here in washington with mostly cloudy skies. midday temperatures with some sunshine near 84. chance after thunderstorm later on this afternoon. mike? >> thank you, howard. today, tuesday, june 28th. here is a check of the news before you go. d.c. mayor vincent gray says he is refocusing his administration on jobs and economic development. advisors say the goal is to distance the mayor from those recent ethics controversies. >> recent poll shows 41% of d.c. residents approve of the job mayor gray is doing. >> baltimore's mayor is running for a second term. democrat stephanie rawlings blake made the announcement monday. she took over after sheila dixon resigned. she's already facing four democratic challengers. the nationals lost in the bottom of the tenth to the
6:54 am
angels spoiling manager davey johnson's debut. final 4-3. same two teams play again tonight in anaheim. >> "the early show" begins in six minutes. >> chris wragge is standing by. >> good morning, coming up on "the early show," nuclear concerns. fires threaten one facility, floods threaten two others. we'll talk with the head of the nuclear regulatory commission about the rising concerns about the aging nuclear facilities. plus, competing for votes. and face time in iowa. president obama is there to talk about the economy while sarah palin gets set to premiere her documentary. we'll take you there. and we'll go one on one with presidential candidate michele bachmann coming up here on "the early show." mike, andrea? >> it is 6:54. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns. ñ8
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i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. one more thing before we go. this is one of those top makes really got us talking this morning. the ban being lifted in california when it comes to selling violent video games to minors. >> not banning the games but just the sale of the games. >> if i want to buy it for my kid, that should be my choice. i don't know if i want him at age 11 buying it. >> you should watch what your kids are doing and be a part of the video games they play and understand what they're getting into and the government should be making the decision. >> howard, do you want to hand over to the government about how you parent your child? it is a major question. >> but your kid might go behind your back. kids do that on occasion. >> you know where the tv is in your house so watch what's on
6:59 am
the television. >> what other things are we talking about? obesity in children. maybe the government regulating the food content and caloric content. they talk about schools. also drinking alcohol, pornography. we want them involved one way and not in another. where do you draw the line? >> weather now, a warm, humid day ahead. upper 80s around 90. nice tomorrow and thursday with drier air and then the heat builds in time for the holiday weekend. 95 expected on july 4th. >> let's talk traffic. we've got a tractor trailer accident on the ramp to east capital street. and it has drivers backed up. sky 9, we're looking at inbound pennsylvania avenue. there you go. it was a vehicle fire. looks like it is in the clearing stages. over to jess. >> as for wall street, we're looking lower this morning. >> get your weather and traffic while u'


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